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JBL Audio in Phoenix

JBL Audio in Phoenix

To take your party to the road and give your ride the bass and exceptional clarity it deserves, JBL audio components (speakers and woofers) are specially designed to deliver clean, high frequencies, non-resonant sound quality, while standing up to the demanding heat and humidity of the car environment is all you need.


For over 70 years, JBL has been recognized globally as one of the top brands in the audio industry, it has won a Grammy, an Oscar, and several other awards for technological achievement. 


JBL is not just respected by end-users alone but also by other top brands recognized globally such as Samsung Electronics and Toyota. we are the best JBL audio car speakers dealer in Phoenix Arizona. we are offering a price-friendly JBL audio system. Now sound image offering the best quality JBL audio car speakers in phoenix


JBL is almost the soul of every important gathering, when you are living in any rock festival like the Emporium Festival, Rock in Rio, or Coachella; you are almost always listening to JBL.JBL Audio In Phoenix


JBL has made it to various exotic cars from different manufacturers including the $320,000 F12 Berlinetta Ferrari and almost all Toyota luxury cars.


The strength of JBL lies in the following:


Great Penetration into High and Mid Segment 


JBL has massive penetration into the high and mid-end segments which allows the company to have wider coverage and sustainably profitability. 


Its presence in the United States is huge and this allows the company to maintain its standard in production.


Long-Term Sustainability 


The mindset of every consumer for high-tech audio systems is to enjoy it for 2 to 3 decades, this allows JBL to constantly reinvent and rebrand for its existing customers while adding new customers as a result of the company’s continuity in producing quality audio components and testimonies of existing customers.


Strong Foothold in Speaker Segment 


If you want to ensure the long-term viability of your company and leave it stronger, more valuable, and more productive, you have to build a legacy. 


This is exactly the belief of JBL as the company has built its name in the speaker segment and a stronger market foothold not just in the United States alone but also in many parts of Asia. 


JBL’s outstanding quality and level of innovation have led them to have sustainable sales. For years, every audio component from JBL has recorded massive sales.


Technology Dominance 


To maintain quality standards, JBL has massed enough technical expertise in the last few decades. 


Its product lines constantly changing with time to meet the trends in technology and the ever-changing demand of the people. 


Today, JBL has forayed into Wireless and Bluetooth systems too.


Value for money 

The smallest product for JBL has high value for money with the kind of quality and performance they offer. 


JBL speakers are known to have a consistent performance with respect to pitch and balance.


Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Car Audio System to JBL


The pain of waiting is best felt when one is stuck in traffic.


It got worse when there is no quality music to keep your company; many rely on a favorite playlist to be a companion when performing their daily routine. 


Whether it’s the drive starting our day or when heading home after long hours of working, quality sound feeds the soul and put it at rest. 


Take your love of quality music to the next level; it should not be restricted to your home alone. 


Nothing beats the joy of hearing every beat and speech as it was intended by an artist or speaker. This is the least upgrading to JBL can do for you. 


Installation is always an easy process especially when you leave it to the pro like Sound Image.


To ensure you are purchasing the original JBL product and not a counterfeit, it is important to buy direct from JBL or any authorized dealer that buys directly from JBL. 


Sound Image is JBL authorized dealer in Phoenix; we are known to carry products from the best brands in the audio industry with JBL not excluded. 


With Sound Image, you will experience:


Less Stress


Connecting your car audio products can take you days instead of hours especially when having no idea about the process. 


It looks so much easy when you read articles about DIY but you understand how complicated it can be when you try it. 


Hiring Sound Image technicians to handle your car stereo installation will make it less stressful and you’ll be in and out within a short period. 


Spend your time on less stressful but more productive things as the installation that will take you a whole day will only take us a few hours.


Better Quality


Trying to fix your car stereo installation with little knowledge about how it works might complicate the issue or give you an unexpected result which may likely make you tag the product as not good enough. 


Our technicians will use their extensive knowledge to ensure you get the best result from your JBL products.


Low Cost


When you buy the product from us, installation is just an additional advantage as it comes at an extremely low price. 


Compared to the hour you will spend doing the installation, nothing beat the pleasure of allowing one of our pros to do the installation for you.

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