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Rockford Fosgate Subs And Amps In Phoenix

Rockford Fosgate Audio

When it comes to car audio, Rockford Fosgate is a name that can be trusted.


Year after year, they prove to the mobile electronics industry that they are one of the premier car audio specialists. 


Since its founding in 1973, Rockford Fosgate has established a reputation of manufacturing high quality products because of their acute attention to detail. 


It is a testament to their brand that even after all of these years, you can still take pride in saying that your vehicle is loaded with Rockford Fosgate components and accessories. 


They still design and engineer each of the amplifiers, sound processors, and woofers in their Phoenix, AZ headquarters. 


Rockford Fosgate manufactures high-end mobile audio components such as car speakers, car subwoofers, amplifiers, sound processors, as well as all of the installation accessories that are needed. 


If you are looking to build an industry-standard system, you can trust Rockford Fosgate to give you the results you want.


For over 35 years Rockford Fosgate has made lifestyle products that deliver the best audio experience in cars, boats, and recreational vehicles. 


We build our car audio subwoofers, car speakers, and car amplifiers to fit your ride and music taste, while we design our moto-marine products to be element ready solutions for marine audio, motorcycle audio, and UTV audio systems. we are the best Rockford Fosgate Audio dealer in Phoenix Arizona. we are offering a price-friendly Rockford Fosgate Audio system


When it comes to upgrading the audio system in late-model vehicles, SOUND IMAGE in Phoenix suggests the Rockford Fosgate DSR1 interface and tuning solution. Sound image providing top-rated Rockford Fosgate Audio installer in phoenix Arizona.


The DSR1 combines the tuning capabilities of the 3Sixty digital signal processor with the OEM integration and CAN Bus communication features of the iDatalink Maestro integration module. The combination makes it easy for us to create an audio upgrade that sounds amazing.



Rockford subs are designed to blow your mind. 


From the shallow mounting requirements of the Prime, Power and Prime S Series subwoofers to the availability of 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch sizes in the Punch Series, there’s a Rockford sub for every vehicle. 


If loud isn’t loud enough, step up to the Power Series. 

The jaw-dropping T2 and T3 subs are available in monster 16- and 19-inch sizes to rattle your fillings lose.


Rockford Fosgate Amplifiers


Built for music-lovers on a budget, Prime Series amplifiers are available in monoblock, stereo and four- and five-channel configurations. 


The Punch Series amps feature more robust power supplies for enthusiasts who want amazing impact and realism from their audio system. 


Power Series amplifiers are the flagship offerings from Rockford. 


With monoblock amplifiers capable of delivering more than 2,500 watts of power to your subwoofers, these amps offer serious performance.



Your car audio system can’t sound amazing without great speakers. 


Prime, Punch and Power Series speakers follow the same good, better and best features and performance steps as the amplifiers and subwoofers. 


RF speakers are available in OEM replacement round and oval sizes with coaxial designs up to high-performance component sets for music aficionados.




Your boat or powersports vehicle deserves the same love as your car or truck. 


Rockford’s marine amps are available in the same Prime, Punch and Power performance levels to meet everyone’s budget. 


These amplifiers aren’t just painted white. They feature corrosion-resistant epoxy coatings on the circuit boards to deal with humidity and stainless hardware to prevent corrosion.



Marine and powersports speakers have a hard life. Regular car audio speakers aren’t designed to handle getting wet, exposure to salt and the harmful effects of UV rays.


 Rockford’s Element Ready design ensures that their Prime and Punch speakers will last. Great sound can look cool, too. 



speakers feature Color Optix LED lighting that can be adjusted using and Android or iPhone applications. 


Rockford also has a full line of enclosure wakeboard tower speakers.


Rockford Fosgate Marine Subwoofers


Adding a subwoofer to your boat is the best way to improve the sound of your marine audio system. 


Marine subs are available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch sizes with Prime, Punch, M1 and M2 performance options. 


Of course, the M Series subs include the same awesome RGB LED lighting as the speakers to help set the mood.



All the audio gear in the world is nothing without a good source unit. Rockford marine radios look great and sound amazing. 


With IPX6 water-resistant ratings, bright full-color sunlight-visible displays and a host of remote and chart plotter connectivity options, premium entertainment is right at your fingertips. 


Bluetooth audio streaming, support of MP3 and WMA files from a USB stick, SiriusXM satellite radio and great AM/FM reception are just some of the source options for your boat.



When it comes to upgrading the sound system on your Harley-Davidson touring bike, nobody does it better than Rockford Fosgate. 


Their staged performance upgrades make getting the sound you want easy. With the Rockford name on the products, you know it will sound great. 


From radios, speakers, amplifiers and saddlebag upgrade kits, there’s no limit to how awesome your bike can sound.

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