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Sony Car Audio

Whether you want to crank the volume for a day on the move or simply liven up your daily commute, Sony’s innovative audio systems make it safe and easy to connect and control your music on the go.


When searching for car audio products online, the choices are vast. So many options and brands to choose from… it can become discouraging. 


So, when the team here at SOUND IMAGE Phoenix decided to offer a new brand like Sony Car Audio, the brand must meet certain criteria.


First, reliability. The product is useless if it does not work like intended for our clients.


Second, it must be easy to use and it needs to look great. 


Most of our clients are adults, not 17-year-old kids.


So, we need a brand built for adults who did not grow up playing on an iPhone since they were 5 years old. 


Another requirement, the product must be competitive in pricing and offer the features our clients want, like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth Hands-Free, etc. Last, the product must sound good.


They need to have a certain level of sound quality components built-in and they need to perform as intended. 


Once these criteria are met, you have our attention. 


Sony Car Audio met these with flying colors and as an added bonus offers a 3-year warranty on select GS series products. 


Interested in Sony Car Audio? If so, choose a section below and if you have questions, give our award-winning team a call so we can guide you in the right direction. we are the best Sony Car Audio dealer in Phoenix Arizona. we are offering a price-friendly Sony Car Audio system.



Sony Car Audio is one of the most respected names when it comes to the sound system in your vehicle. Sound Image providing a top-rated Sony Car Audio installer in phoenix Arizona.


Their reputation is not just built on their longevity as a company, but that they provide fantastic solutions for both high end and budget car audio systems.


At SOUND IMAGE, we provide an excellent stock of Sony Car Audio options.


No matter if you are looking for a high fidelity install for your car, or if you are more inclined towards an affordable solution, Sony Car Audio speakers are the go-to for any level of quality you decide on.



At SOUND IMAGE We feel it is our duty to help our customers through the process of selecting the correct speakers for your vehicle. 


Our staff is well aware of what kind of performance to expect from our inventory, and will be glad to help you through the task of choosing the speakers that are right for your situation.


• Soundbars

• Audio Components

• Compact Stereos Systems

• Turntables

• Speakers

• HT Systems

• Clock Radios

• Portable Music Players

• Radios



Whether you’re looking for an audio receiver to help you appreciate a pair of stereo speakers or you want to bring your entertainment room into the world of streaming and 4K, Sony Receivers are an exceptional choice. 


With a Sony AV receiver at the center of your entertainment experience, you’ll enjoy music and movies the way they were meant to be seen and heard. 


Supporting more acronyms than the alphabet (HDR, HDCP, DCAC, DSD…), Sony receivers incorporate the newest technologies to make sure you’re blown away whenever you find the time to appreciate your favorites. From exceptional picture quality to enveloping sound, bringing home a Sony receiver will transport you into the center of the action.


The full line of Sony Car Audio products is quite extensive and it is very easy to put together a package that is nothing less than incredible. 


Understanding a little bit about the different components of car audio will help prepare you for the choices you have available.

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